A - Consulting and feasibility
We study your entire project, purchase of land or property, technical and financial study, project of building,development or refurbishment.
B - Building permit or prior declaration
In the course of our engagement we can produce every documents required to obtain building permits.
C - Design and realization
We carry the necessary studies in the design phase, the entire document for consulting firms, examination of tenders, followed of building and reception.


. OPQTEC qualified member of the UNTEC

. Preparation of budgets and financial envelopes assigned to work

. Feasibility studies

. Participation in the program of public works and private

. Consulting and Decision Support

. Project Management

. Technical and economic assistance from the beginning to the end of the work

. Consultation and assistance in the management of built heritage


. Multitechnical audit of buildings and facilities

. Verification and maintenance proposal with different levels of interventions

. Planning and organization of interventions

. Budget proposal replacing outdated

. Assistance to energy saving


A - Technical Services

. Visits and systematic checks of the entire property (buildings, heating , electrical, plumbing , park and forest access ... )

. Control and monitoring of staff , setting tasks and objectives

. Menus work corrective and preventive

. Prescription, control and monitoring of work to be done

. Control equipment (agricultural , pumping, heating, maintenance ...)

. Managing site security , prioritization of access

. Control and monitoring of consumables (fuel , seeds, straw ... )

. Supervision and coordination of business

. Supervision in the field of hunting, fishing, voluntary reserve

. Supervision of forestry maintenance , paths, ponds , streams

. Supervising the maintenance and enhancement of agricultural land ( if necessary with agreements with local farmers )

B - Administrative Services

. Organization and management of home care, parks, heating, swimming pool ...

. Control of your bills (maintenance contracts, insurance, telephone, electricity ...) and support from the undertakings concerned

. Search and selection of suppliers, comparison quotes

. Administrative procedures

. Management of subscription contracts

. Action work plan schedule

C - Financial Services

. Managing an operating budget

. Account management jobs